About Kerryanne


A dedicated mother, Founder and CEO of CERT (UK) Ltd

A passionate supporter of those with disabilities, additional needs and the vulnerable in our society


Like many, I was touched by the floods. But unlike many, I had a vision, forsite and a steely determination to make a long term difference to those affected by the floods in Eden, then the wider Cumbrian community.

I think it is my military training that has given me the ability to organise people and put in place long term, robust procedures that have helped CERT reach the place they are at today.

Ex-Service Woman

Served in the WRAC – (Women’s Royal Army Corps) until they were disbanded in 1992 when I was cap-badged Int Corps (Intelligence Corps)

I served in many countries throughout my military career and reached the rank of Cpl. My trade within the military was an Operator Special Intelligence (Linguist) and my language is Serbo-Croat