Lifestyle Training

I offer tailored lifestyle training packages, to meet the unique and  individual needs and abilities of those who have a disability and or additional need. With a wide range of subjects to cover, I can adapt any training to the individuals needs, as well as their lifestyle for greater awareness and learned skills for a more independent living, to help grow their confidence and help them make new friends.

Independent Lifestyle Training

Personal Hygiene/Care

Household Domestic Skills

Food Preparation, Cooking, Food Hygiene

Safety in the Home

General use of Public Transport

Community Amenities

Personal Finance

Why might you want to use an independent living skills course?

A course like this would benefit a young person who wishes to live independently, or who wishes to be more independent. It can be seen as a part of the transition involved in moving from children to adult services. Learning these sorts of skills can instil confidence in a young person and help with their inclusion in their local communities.

How does an independent living skills course work?

Courses of this type aim to get people to gain and develop an awareness and knowledge base of the skills needed to live independently; to feel confident in applying new skills in order to live independently and to have an understanding of community based services and how to access these. They will take place in the local community and each course is run over a 10 week period.

The courses will aim to support young people to reach their full potential, gaining in confidence and self esteem while learning practical skills and theoretical knowledge whilst having lots of fun.

What evidence is there that this type of course is beneficial?

The aim of these courses is to support individuals and prepare them for transition to the next stage of their lives, taking into account their specific disabilities. They can help young people to make informed choices about the options available to them, to feel empowered about the decisions they make and to find their own voice. Life skills  can make a real difference to peoples lives.